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Urethane insulation

Properties and benefits of Urethane

Urethane insulation is an advantageous solution to insulate your building.

  • Polyurethane foam does not lose its density. Its thermal qualities withstand the entire life of a structure.

  • This product created from high quality raw materials, is odorless.

  • Urethane insulation offers strong adhesion to all types of surfaces: walls, foundations, ceilings, rock, brick, concrete, steel etc...

  • Ecological and durable, this type of insulation reduces heat loss, humidity and heating costs.

  • Urethane insulation performs remarkably well. It helps to prevent water and water vapor from penetrating, thus avoiding being the cause of mold and the unwanted presence of fungi.

Tell us about your construction or renovation projects. At the Master of Insulation we will take the time to assess the energy performance of your home and advise you on the different possibilities of insulation, against heat and cold.